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How to Streamline Your Business And Sales Operations in 30 Days Without Being A Sales Rockstar, A Tech Genius, or Having A Big Team

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The Streamline Business Membership Will Show You How To:

  • Plan and Execute Highly Effective Strategies To Turbocharge Your Business Operations
  • Identify The 'Tech Stack' For Streamlining Your Sales Processes and Enhancing Revenue
  • ​​The Never Before Revealed Technique for Prospecting Using Minimal Effort That Frees Up 6-10 hours Per Week. 
  • How to Select and Master the Right Online Tools, Even If You Aren’t Tech Savvy
  • ​and more!

Special Launch Price 

Here's What You Will Get:

  • Twice a month, a new video will be uploaded into the membership portal, highlighting a particular set of tools and integrations for you to use. 
  • All of these videos consists of battle tested strategies that are practical and designed to be straightforward and easy to apply. 
  • ​​The strategies that are shared with you are used by large corporations with hundreds and thousands of staff.. and you get to harness that power without having to have such a large workforce. 
  • The cost of the membership pretty much pays for itself in the first set of videos you get access to as soon as you sign up. 
  • ​and more!

Quick Note From the Author..
On this page you're going to learn how to take advantage of the massive opportunity in the digital space starting today! It's probably going to be the best thing you've read all day. Possibly all week. 

Sound like a bold promise? Good, I like a challenge. Let's get started then...

Who Is This Membership For?

Sales Professionals: An essential component!

Sales has definitely evolved over the decades. Long gone are the days where you would get a phonebook and start dialling the first number on the page. Nowadays, customers have access to internet. They will instantly conduct searches on what they want. In order to stay a step ahead, sales professionals need to evolve too. They need to make the most of sales intelligence, customer management tools, and automation software to maximize their output. This membership contains the essentials for understanding how to connect the online with the offline, bringing in more business than you've ever had. 

Entrepreneurs: Obviously a powerful tool!

Technology has changed the way we build our brand, secure clients, and deliver our solutions. There are new software and online tools coming out everyday. For those that aren't the most tech savvy, this can seem overwhelming. There's not enough time to simply try and tinker with everything, nor should we try. That's why this membership will help demystify what is important and what should be discarded. 

Small Business Owners: A critical catalyst for revenue growth!

At the core of everything business is one thing: sales. Every company in existence thrives on sales (excluding venture backed startups). Not only will you learn how to generate more sales for your company, you will unveil the secret levers that contribute to lifting your bottom line without having to put in more work.  

Here's EVERYTHING You'll Get Today With the Streamline Business Membership:

  • Streamline Business Membership: You get instant access to the membership portal with the first video in the series, along with future videos. You can always come back and rewatch previous videos and access the cheatsheets and swipe files as needed. (Value: $1000)

Plus you also get these 4 FREE Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Connecting and working with your DREAM CLIENTS doesn't have to be complicated. In this 8-Step Roadmap, I peel back the curtain on the simple yet effective actions you need to take to start working with high quality clients willing to pay you for what you're worth. (Value: $99USD)
  • Bonus #2: Know who you want to get in touch with but don't know how to approach them? Wondering how to engage with prospects in the right way? Here are the EXACT 5 messages templates I've used to get in touch with CEOs, executives, and generally hard to reach people with a SINGLE e-mail or text message. (Value: $47USD)
  • Bonus #3: Finding people's e-mails can be time consuming as well as a daunting task. Instead of getting confusing yourself, this video training 'Finding Prospect E-mails In Seconds' will tell you which software and strategy to use in order to find people's e-mails in seconds. (Value: $29USD)
  • Bonus #4: People often leave opportunities on the table because they make these simple mistakes with people they connect with. Inside this 26-page guide, I disclose the 10 Common Mistakes people make when networking or interacting with potential clients. Mistake #7 will surprise you.(Value: $19USD)

You might be wondering, if the membership is so good, why am I practically giving it away for $7

A perfectly valid question. Nowadays you see plenty of experts online offering their programs for pennies on the dollar. When you actually look inside the hood, you'll find that it's full of watered down fluff. Since this is basically a launch, I'm looking to reward those that get in early on the ground floor. The first month is essentially risk-free at $1, followed by $19/ month thereafter. When you SEE how the value being offered will impact your business, you'll happily invest that $19 any day. 

PRICING: During our 'earlybird' opening you can get instant access to the "Streamline Business Membership" for only...

Product Picture
  • Streamline Business Membership (Access to video vault)(Value: $497)
  • Bonus #1: 8-Step Roadmap To Connect With Your Dream Clients (Value: $99)
  • ​Bonus #2: 5-E-mail Templates to Contact CEOs, Executives, and Influencers (Value: $47)
  • Bonus #3: Find Prospect E-mails In Seconds Video Training (Value: $29)
  • ​Bonus #4: 26-Page Guide On 10 Mistakes You Make Networking (Value: $19)
  • ​and much more!

Total Value: $691

  • 'earlybird' coupon applied: Save 99%

Trial Price: $7

Hey Gilbert Joa here,

A couple of years ago, I quit my job selling tech solutions to multi-national firms and went into coaching. 

I thought I had it all planned out. I would market myself on social media, create an online course, and start printing money.

...But things didn't turn out that way. I was lost in the details with what online tools and software to use.

With numerous marketing platforms out there, I had no idea where to start

...Therefore, I made the biggest mistake in the book. I tried to do everything myself. 

Looking back, I wish I had someone to guide me through the process and tell me what to spend time on and what to delegate or outsource. 

Since then, I have been able to help my clients as well as myself generate over 7-figures in revenue (even during COVID)Occasionally, we get a few record breaking months.

What Streamline Business Membership IS

  • Full Access To Video Vault and 4-Top Value Bonuses
  • Designed to cover your business needs
  • For business-to-business AND business-to-consumer
  • Perfect for bringing forth new ideas and perspectives for your business

What Streamline Business Membership Isn't

  • Generic Youtube Videos and Watered Down Content
  • Black hole time-sucks
  • Something that you will use once and forget in 3-months
  • Focused on fluffy and random concepts

Backed by a 7-day Money Back Guarantee

What some of our clients had to say:

"I was completely stuck and frustrated with generating income online as a career coach before I started working with Gilbert. He helped me clarify my audience, worked with fine tuning my unique offering and helped me consistently close new clients. After 2 months, I went from making $0 to over $4,200USD per month in new business from just coaching at the comfort of my home, while being able to take care of my 2 kids."
James Fok
Former Recruiter Turned Career Coach
LinkedIn Influencer
"I started working with Gilbert at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, when my main revenue stream evaporated overnight. Within days I was able to 2X my online group coaching size and 3X revenue.
Kwong Yue Yang
 Corporate Trainer (for public speaking) & 
World Champion of Public Speaking 2nd Place 
(2011, 2014, 2019)


Can't I just go on YouTube/ Google and do this myself?
Sure you can but that's going to take a while, and the perspective you're getting will be scattered between many different people. The strategies I share are a unique combination of what's out there. 
What technology do I need?
All you really need in terms of hardware is your computer or laptop. Of course an internet connection is mandatory. Software that is suggested may either be free or paid, but that's up to you to decide whether to make the investment. The savings you get in time and money you get back from using the strategies is priceless. 
How is Streamline Business Membership different than other programs?
Well, you're here aren't you? It provides you with the roadmap, the swipe files, templates, with a step-by-step guide on how to maximize the value you get out of your workflow. 
What types of businesses does Streamline Business Membership for?
These trainings are all about how to utilize technology and processes to streamline your business processes and operations. It also provides a foundation for building a solid sales machine that scales as the business grows. 
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yep! If this isn't everything I've promised above and MORE I will refund every red cent. I do put a limit on that of 7 days. I couldn't possibly allow that forever now could I?
What does "Lifetime Updates" mean? 
Since technology is always changing, I will be updating the membership portal and templates to reflect any of those changes. I am also ALWAYS testing new ideas, strategies and methods, so I will be periodically adding to the Streamline Business Membership materials with "what's working now" trainings.

Here's What To Do Next:

Click on the button below to get started.

I look forward to delivering excellent value to you.

P.S If you're one of those people (like me), who scroll all the way to the end of a page, here's the inside scoop:

You will gain access to the Streamline Business Membership today for only $7. After the first 30 days, if you wish to continue you will be billed $19 monthly to continue to get access to all the content in the vault. 

You get instant access to the video vault with all present and future videos (to help you grow your business during these difficult times), with accompanying worksheets, FOUR special bonuses, PLUS our 7-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee .

If within the next 7 days you went through the Streamline Business Membership and it did not help you in any way, simply let us know and we will issue you a full refund

No risk. No questions asked. No hard feelings. And we’ll still let you keep 4 high value bonuses completely for free.

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